We Are Voodoo6Studios

Voodoo6Studios is dedicated to building a supportive, inclusive, compassionate community in the mini painting hobby. We support our fellow hobbyists while simultaneously discouraging ignorance, bigotry, and maintaining a zero-tolerance policy against gatekeeping. We do our best to be vulnerable and real about the hobby, and encourage our Voodlings to approach it as a mechanism for positivity and healing. We paint for a variety of charity organizations, provide education on the miniature hobby, and help usher new hobbyists into the community!

What We Paint

We offer a variety of mini painting tiers for a variety of miniature styles: wargaming miniatures, display miniatures, TTRPG/BoardGame miniatures, exotic/erotic miniature art. All of our projects are done with maximum attention and effort! We provide commission painting services ranging from tabletop standard to highly detailed display pieces.

What We Share

We do our best to support our fellow hobbyists, artists, and entrepreneurs. We aspire to treat others how we wish to be treated, and will always do our best to share your posts, charity events, merchandise, and successes!

We Do Commissions

Whether it's a quick tabletop paintjob, a display level miniature, NSFW or for public display, we have you covered with excellence and 100% transparency in our process. We also have payment plans available to meet larger project needs.

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